Bonnie Rich Law, LLC


ā€‹"Bonnie has demonstrated her strong legal knowledge and skill by advising on NDAs, contracts with clients and vendors, and providing general legal guidance with other business issues.  As a business owner, there are many areas in which legal counsel is critical, such as HR issues, operations, intellectual property and terms and conditions with our engagements.  Bonnie simplifies the process, guides us through the complicated maze of legal issues and ensures that our business is protected.  Additionally, Bonnie has provided legal counsel on personal matters and was equally professional and competent. Bonnie is a fantastic listener and it is apparent that she genuinely cares about her clients. She is very responsive to my needs, even responding to emails about urgent issues while on vacation.  This is not expected, but demonstrates her dedication to her clients. Bonnie is an incredibly effective attorney and I strongly recommend her.

 Jennifer Taylor, Assessment Plus, Inc.

This case was being tried in two states, and Bonnie counseled and worked with out of state counsel incredibly well.  

In a case that, under "expected / normal" legal representation, would have carried on for many months or even years, Bonnie had opposing counsel working to settle the case immediately after the first hearing.  

I highly recommend Bonnie Rich Law, LLC.

RON WEBER, Owner, DOGWOOD PIZZA, Snellville, Georgia




Bonnie Rich is a first class, strong, persistent litigator. She listens, evaluates,studies, and moves with authority. 

I contracted with Bonnie on a referral from a friend and will never regret it. She took a detailed, convoluted case with many distracting details, defined it in simple terms, and presented it with clarity. Opposing counsel, simply put, was overwhelmed.  


"If you are in need of an attorney knowledgeable in employment law, I recommend the law firm of Bonnie Rich Law, LLC.   Bonnie Rich came highly recommended to me, and I can say without reservation that I made the right choice.

I would like to say from the bottom of my heart thank you to Attorney Bonnie Rich for helping me with my case. Iā€™d like to thank her for her time, effort, professionalism, and for being so kind and accommodating. I appreciate the genuine concern and care that she took in ensuring I received fair compensation.

I would recommend Bonnie Rich to anyone who needs legal representation."

S.S., Atlanta, Georgia


Bonnie Rich handled a Tax court case for one of my clients that I lost in appeals and did not think we could win. She immediately took charge, made very astute arguments supporting my client's case, and won the case. Honestly, I did not think we had a chance since the US Attorney made some compelling challenges. On this tax matter, Bonnie knew how to overcome the IRS position and the result was a victory for my client. I have since recommended other clients to her. 

--  Dave Shergalis, CPA


Bonnie Rich helped me with tax debt that had been following me for years.  She was patient and understood how stressful this was for me.  She navigated me through to a better resolution than I thought was possible. Now I can plan for my retirement with certainty and without fear.  I recommend Bonnie for anyone with any tax law problems.

-- TM